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RE: Radio One

It got a 0.9 (up from a 0.5 D/J/F Arbitrend), tying or beating out some
Class B Boston stations, most notably  WXKS-FM (KISS 108)(tied at 0.9)and
beat WROR and WBOS.

I think their Providence numbers will rise more, maybe another 1/2 point.

Your comment about 97.3 and 98.1, both licensed to New Bedford is a valid
point, and perhaps they won't crack the New Bedford market for that reason,
but once your more than say 15 miles from TX, I think their signal may be
competitive in Fall River and definitely in Taunton and places like
Attleboro and Pawtucket.

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

(When I worked in Taunton in 1977-78, JB105 (WPJB 105.1) was my station of
choice, FWIW)

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> Interesting. WBOT is second-adjacent to two full Class
> Bs in southeastern Mass (97.3 and 98.1). One would think
> that, down that way, WBOT's Class A signal would be
> quite difficult to tune in clearly.
> > Actually, from the Providence Spring Book anyways, WBOT seems
> to be picking
> > up some listeners in the Providence Area (Likely Taunton-Fall River-New
> > Bedford)
> >
> > I'll be interested to see what WBOT does in the New Bedford
> book as well.