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RE: Radio One

New Bedford-Fall River comes in at #164
(that's about 200K Population just those 2 cities)

BTW, Cape Cod is also a rated area (# 182)

But most smaller markets are only sampled 2x a year (Spring and Fall, IIRC)
so there won't be a new 'book' out till July or August timeframe.

Boston (#8) and Providence (#33) do sample 4x a year with 'rolling' trends
on a monthly basis (eg: Months 1-2-3 is data point 1, next month they lop
off month 1 and add for to the rolling trends, so 2-3-4 is data point #2,

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH
(Market #186, where WZID blows away the comp each book)

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> << Actually, from the Providence Spring Book anyways, WBOT seems
> to be picking
>  up some listeners in the Providence Area (Likely Taunton-Fall River-New
>  Bedford)
>  I'll be interested to see what WBOT does in the New Bedford book as well.
>   >>
> I didn't think there would be a separate New Bedford book; after
> all, there
> are only three stations there (the two FMs and the AM).
> How "small" of markets do books go down to; IIRC, New Bedford has about
> 100,000 population. Brockton has about 60,000 (??). Would Brockton, with
> three stations, also get its own book.
> In addition, it doesn't surprise me that WBOT is pulling numbers in
> Providence; their signal south of the city is close enough to get into
> Providence and Providence doesn't really have an urban station.
> -Sean