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Re: Radio One

> > Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:
> > > Scott, they do seem to be a company that likes to do things first class. But
> > > you have to remember that, as previously posted, that Baltimore and
> > > Washington are markets which have significantly more African-Americans in
Ø > > them than do Boston. The inner city of Boston is still quite diverse.

Radio One's current strategy is not focusing only on urban areas anymore. They've done their
homework and they found that population and economic growth is taking place in the suburbs a lot
faster than in the urban areas……That's why buying  97.7FM which reaches both urban and suburban
areas made total sense to them….Alfred Liggins has repeatedly stated they're(R1) very happy with
WBOT's current reach and presently not looking into any signal upgrades/modifications….

> > > Infinity owns an urban station? I never thought that was a format which Mel
> > would touch, to be honest. 

Yes, Viacom/Infinity owns a Gospel station in DC.
There are 3 Gospel stations in DC. R1's "Spirit" is
distant third.

> > >
> > > I wonder what made Nash sell now? It's a shame to see them go, but we all saw
> > > it coming once Radio One bought WCAV last year. Is there any chance they can
> > > move the COL for 97.7 any closer to Boston now they'll have studios in Dudley
> > > Square?

Technically, Bernadine Nash kept her word by saying she would never sell WILD-AM --
as Nash Communications continues to hold the station's operating license as part of the TBA
announced on Monday. In practice, she's out of the picture, as Radio One will be running the show
as it programs and sells ad time on WILD AM/FM…..Using the same calls for FM and AM also
makes it easier for Arbitron purposes, too….


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