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WSMN almost of air

RE: WSMN 1590 AM Nashua NH

This morning as the Todd and Arnie Show was about to
begin, the hosts of the show mentioned that they hoped
nobody missed WSMN overnight. 
It was mentioned twice during the conversation that
WSMN was a very low power, a couple of other times
they appeared as if they were off the air.

I didn't detect them being off, but they did have an
very weak signal in Derry last night. 

They mentioned that a exactly 9:10 PM last night as
Todd was listening at home on his little portable and
WSMN disappeared (to him) mid-sentence.

They then praised an engineer who drove up from Boston
 about 4:00 AM and performed "an easy fix". 

Todd mentioned that it was so easy the the procedure
could have been done over the phone. Arnie said "Heck
no, a $300 an hour, I'd drive up here at 4 in the
morning too"

Anyways, this story being too long already, this is
the second time the 5 KW signal has gone in the
dumpster this month. The last time was for about 5
days. The day/night at that time was equivalent to
about 100-500 watts, not very good.

Anyone know whats up with their transmitter.

In other WSMN news, the amount of time local hosts are
filling the day time airwaves vs syndicated
broadcasting seems to be dwindling. 

Todd and Arnie are only on from 6-9AM now.
Syndication appears to run until 1PM.
Local hosts appears to be on from 1-3PM.
The Tiger Financial Network comes on 3-6PM.

TTFN (TFNN) whatever they call themselves is just
The hosts fills his dialogue with errs, ahhs, and okay
you knows. Can't  read more than two lines with
stumbling. If he gets that far, he then takes the time
to make a condesendating remark about the stupid way a
certain financial statement made.
IT ahhs, err, oh okay,  STINKS ahh errr eeee


Derry NH

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