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Re: WSMN almost of air

At 01:59 PM 3/21/00 -0800, John Bolduc wrote:
>RE: WSMN 1590 AM Nashua NH
>In other WSMN news, the amount of time local hosts are
>filling the day time airwaves vs syndicated
>broadcasting seems to be dwindling. 
>Todd and Arnie are only on from 6-9AM now.
>Syndication appears to run until 1PM.
>Local hosts appears to be on from 1-3PM.
>The Tiger Financial Network comes on 3-6PM.

I'm surprised it took them this long.  Local talk is expensive, and WSMN's
meager-to-almost non-existent spot load ain't gonna cover it.  Certainly an
ambitious undertaking, but doomed from the start.  Nashua is really too
small a market to support a talk station.