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Re: WBZ using CBS News on overnights?

>it was asked--
>No one's figured out the most important question at hand - why is WBZ
>running the CBS News on overnights?
>(They are still running ABC updates and Paul Harvey during the day).

WBZ also uses some CBS updates during the day and some CBS news bulletins 
and Dan Rather's nightly commentary.  They have had the rights to some ABC 
stuff since 1980 (including Paul Harvey and the Rest of the 
Story).   Granted, it is rare in a major market for one station to use two 
allegedly competing networks, but since we are probably going to live to 
see one giant company that owns everything and everyone, it will soon be a 
moot point... <gg>

As for CBS overnight news, it actually makes sense.  WRKO airs network news 
on weekends, and from what I have seen, as more stations cut back on 
overnights and weekends to save money, using the network gives them a live 
human and avoids having the in studio jock ripping and reading 6 hours 
ago's last WBZ newscasts...