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RE: WSMN almost of air

No more Woody Woodland?

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> Subject: WSMN almost of air
> RE: WSMN 1590 AM Nashua NH
> This morning as the Todd and Arnie Show was about to
> begin, the hosts of the show mentioned that they hoped
> nobody missed WSMN overnight. 
> It was mentioned twice during the conversation that
> WSMN was a very low power, a couple of other times
> they appeared as if they were off the air.
> I didn't detect them being off, but they did have an
> very weak signal in Derry last night. 
> They mentioned that a exactly 9:10 PM last night as
> Todd was listening at home on his little portable and
> WSMN disappeared (to him) mid-sentence.
> They then praised an engineer who drove up from Boston
>  about 4:00 AM and performed "an easy fix". 
> Todd mentioned that it was so easy the the procedure
> could have been done over the phone. Arnie said "Heck
> no, a $300 an hour, I'd drive up here at 4 in the
> morning too"
> Anyways, this story being too long already, this is
> the second time the 5 KW signal has gone in the
> dumpster this month. The last time was for about 5
> days. The day/night at that time was equivalent to
> about 100-500 watts, not very good.
> Anyone know whats up with their transmitter.
> In other WSMN news, the amount of time local hosts are
> filling the day time airwaves vs syndicated
> broadcasting seems to be dwindling. 
> Todd and Arnie are only on from 6-9AM now.
> Syndication appears to run until 1PM.
> Local hosts appears to be on from 1-3PM.
> The Tiger Financial Network comes on 3-6PM.
> TTFN (TFNN) whatever they call themselves is just
> horrible.
> The hosts fills his dialogue with errs, ahhs, and okay
> you knows. Can't  read more than two lines with
> stumbling. If he gets that far, he then takes the time
> to make a condesendating remark about the stupid way a
> certain financial statement made.
> IT ahhs, err, oh okay,  STINKS ahh errr eeee
> John
> Derry NH
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