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WCVB is watching you

Monday's (3/20) Wall Street Journal contained an 
addendum featuring new technology and the entertainment
industry.  One article naturellement (a little French 
lingo) dealt with Digital TV.  Well, as all we visitors
to this site know, broadcasters who are investing 
MILLIONS in this untried technology are hedging their
bets in case consumers don't rush to Best Buy and
Circuit City to lay down $5K for a tv by developing 
other uses for the DTV channels they will occupy.  One
station cited was good old WCVB in Boston.  What are
the Hearst-Argyle soxers doing?  Well, they've placed
TV cameras along highways like Rt 128, once known as
America's technology highway.  (BTW, when I worked at
Wang, we were a prominent denizen of the aforementioned
road, although HQ was 11.5 miles up Rt 3.) The idea is 
to provide real-time pictures of highway activity 
to PC users.  After reading this article, I looked
for such cameras, and voila (more French lingo)  I
spotted several poles with bank-security-type cameras 
atop them a few miles apart.  So as you drive Rt 128,
SMILE, you're on streaming video, if not in streaming

Laurence from Methuen

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