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Re: Viacom Buys The 50% Of UPN They Didn't Already Own For $ 5 Mi llion.

Correct. UPN only broadcasts 10 hours a week. By FCC rules, it's not
a full network because it's on the air less than 15 hours a week.

The original poster(Mr. Gallant) is not quite correct.
FCC IS NOT going to shut down UPN. That's something the FCC
doesn't want on its head --- especially as UPN has more
minority talent and minority viewers than the other
broadcast nets. Last month, a group of actors from UPN shows has
even lobbied the commission alongside Viacom and CBS to let the
merged company keep it. 

The deal is expected to close next month. The FCC is expected to
issue a waiver first as it will take time to rethink and rewrite
its regulations --- at least when it comes to fledgling networks
like UPN and WB. A combination among ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox is
totally another matter. In addition, Viacom will be allowed to
form the first Boston TV duopoly -- WSBK-WBZ.

Viacom has also argued that the explosion of cable and the Internet
continues to create new-media voices, making network concentration
less worrisome. 

--- "Smyth, Sean (NEE-TAB)" <ssmyth@cnc.com> wrote:
> Cooper Fox writes:
> >If the FCC is only going to allow them to own one
> >network, what will happen to UPN?
> As far as I know, UPN isn't actually considered a "network," at
> least according to the FCC regulations which were on the books
> a few years back. To be considered a full-fledged network, one
> must provide 15 hours of prime-time programming or more each
> week (Monday through Friday), so I thought. I thought this is how
> FOX got around the "network" thing, allowing it to syndicate its
> own shows before the FCC reversed itself on this -- am I wrong?
>  -Sean

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