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Re: WBZ using CBS News on overnights?

And when do KNX (1070), KFWB (980), and KCBS (740) air 
the traffic and weather? I believe that WBBM (780) does 
carry traffic and weather on the "eights," as does WCBS 
(880). I wouldn't be surprised to learn that KFWB also 
does it on the eights, because of the 980 frequency. 
Now, does WINS (1010) do it on the ones because of 
WINS's frequiency, or because the ones are sort of 
midway between the eights? (Well. within two minutes.) I 
suspect the latter. Mel probably figures that in markets 
where he has two all-news stations, the listeners should 
be able to tune to one or the other of those stations 
for traffic and weather at roughly five-minute 
intervals. (If I'm correct, WMAQ (670) is no longer all 
news but is news/talk or maybe talk/sports), and so 
probably carries traffic and weather less often--at 
least in many dayparts.

> KYW-1060 Philadelphia (Infinity/CBS) has their Traffic & Transit on the
> two's - not a Traffic & Weather Together on the six's....
> -Peter Murray
> Philadelphia, PA
> "Smyth, Sean (NEE-TAB)" wrote:
> > Joe speculates, probably as inaccurately as usual:
> > >And, I think in time, 'BZ will take the whole five-miute 'cast, and put
> > >Traffic and Weather Together On The 8's, like most of the company's
> > >other all-nws stations.
> >
> > They do this as a tie-in with the frequency; hence the reason why WCBS
> > (880) does it on the 8s and WINS (1010) does it on the 1s. I don't think
> > they'll be abandoning traffic on the 3s anytime soon. Makes too much
> > sense.
> >
> >  -Sean