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At 09:01 AM 10/16/99 -0400, Marc Lemay wrote:
>Speaking of PKQ - got to speak to my old friend Audley Williams who
>basically runs the PKQ operation out of N. Conway the last time I made a
>trip up to the North Country.  What a tight ship!  While there is always
>debate about computer-driven stations -the folks who own PKQ/OKQ have to be
>commended for the detail placed in their operation.
>Everything (for the most part) is driven from Dover ("The Big Station" - a
>term I never understood considering PKQ is the BIGGER station...on a good
>day I can hear PKQ in Wilmington, MA)  Audley will do news drops and live
>shots from PKQ - but everything is handled out of OKQ...with under a second
>or so to spare for spots, etc.

We do much the same where I work (WJYY/WNHQ).  Since we do split some
stopsets between stations, we've had to become very anal about spot length.
 A :60 had to be EXACTLY :60 to the tenth of a second.  The biggest problem
is with agency spots and/or dubs from other stations that come in a bit
over or under.  If it's a bit under we just leave dead air at the
beginning/end, and hope the previous/next spot isn't short too.  For the
most part it works fine, cutaways/rejoins are practically seamless.