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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 10/15: The All New All New WMEX??

Probably not - because they (the studios) are already in the heart of North
Conway...just a couple of doors down from Horsefeathers.

Speaking of PKQ - got to speak to my old friend Audley Williams who
basically runs the PKQ operation out of N. Conway the last time I made a
trip up to the North Country.  What a tight ship!  While there is always
debate about computer-driven stations -the folks who own PKQ/OKQ have to be
commended for the detail placed in their operation.

Everything (for the most part) is driven from Dover ("The Big Station" - a
term I never understood considering PKQ is the BIGGER station...on a good
day I can hear PKQ in Wilmington, MA)  Audley will do news drops and live
shots from PKQ - but everything is handled out of OKQ...with under a second
or so to spare for spots, etc.

Made me think that there actually IS room for computers in
radio...hmmm...never thought I'd say that!

Marc Lemay

Times Communications - Graphic and Visual Design

The producer of The Local Music Showcase
Weekly unsigned internet only music program


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> What does this do for them?  Will this result in facility changes?
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine
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