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Another New England Talker

as posted on the AllAccess Net News, Friday, 17 Sep 99:

"Nostalgia WLKW-A (550)/PROVIDENCE will flip to Talk 550 THE BUZZ on MONDAY. 
In morning drive former WPRO-F morning duo MIKE & LISA BUTTS until 9a. DR. 
JOY BROWN until noon. Local talk meisters TOM (DI LUGLIO) & JERRY (ZARELLIA) 
from noon to 3p. In afternoons it's HOWIE CARR (formerly WPRO-A). The rest of 
the lineup to be announced. The GM is BONNIE GOMES and the PD MIKE DE LOMBA 
(also from WPRO-A).
And WPRO-A has let afternooner CAROLYN FOX go. Will she show up in the market 
again soon on WWRX? That's a pretty safe bet."

What's that Nilsson said many moons ago?  "Everybody's Talkin'..."
  (of course, he also put the lime with the coconut and drank them both 

- - -Chuck Igo