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Re: Board Ops (was: Quack, quack)

At 06:55 PM 9/15/99 -0400, Rick Kelly wrote:
>Ingram didn't run his own board, and in many of the major markets, jocks
>didn't.  As a hit line guy at WRKO, I noted that the jocks didn't run
>their own board... their was glass between the board op and the jock. 
>Does 'BZ still have board ops?  what about the other area stations?

I'm pretty sure WBZ jocks always ran their own boards, as did WMEX ('BZ
jocks were kind of sloppy, you could often hear them clunking carts
around).  WBZ had an unusual arrangement (apparently union regulations)
that the jocks ran their own boards, played records and spots, but not
pre-recorded editorials.  The "jock board" did not have any VU meters
(union rules...it was an engineer's job to read a meter), and the mixed
turntables came up on a fader on the engineer's board, as did the mixed
cart machines so the engineer could control the master level.  The jock
just ran everything with the fader maxed.  I saw Arnie Ginsburg do a remote
from their Sundeck Studio in the late 70s, appparently the same rules
applied...no VUs on the board.  Didn't WRKO do away with separate board ops
sometime in the mid-70s?  I doubt that by 1980 there were many stations
that the jocks didn't run their own boards.

Speaking of WABC, I checked out some of the photos on the musicradio77.com
site, and they had a strange board in the mid 60s.  There didn't seem to be
any faders on it...just a bunch of switches.  Anyone know the story on