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Board Ops (was: Quack, quack)

> At 02:04 AM 9/14/99 -0400, Mike Thomas wrote:
> >
> >Also, I thought that Dan Ingram, and many of the jocks at WABC in 
> the 60's
> and
> >70's ran their own boards.  Does anyone know for sure if they did 
> or not?
> >
And Steve noted:
> Not according to Rick Sklar's book...several references were made in 
> about jocks having a board op.  Apparently the arrangement was  fairly
> unique in its day in that the jock and board op were in the same 
> room, with only the board separating them.

Ingram didn't run his own board, and in many of the major markets, jocks
didn't.  As a hit line guy at WRKO, I noted that the jocks didn't run
their own board... their was glass between the board op and the jock. 
Does 'BZ still have board ops?  what about the other area stations?

Rick Kelly

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