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WABC air console

In a message dated 99-09-16 01:59:52 EDT, steveord@xtdl.com writes:

<< Speaking of WABC, I checked out some of the photos on the musicradio77.com 
 site, and they had a strange board in the mid 60s.  There didn't seem to be 
any faders on it...just a bunch of switches.  Anyone know the story on this?  

WABC had a custom console with large faders that looked like airplane 
throttles. Rick Sklar and the engineers had some well thought-out redundancy: 
two carts playing the same song in case one failed; the listener only heard 
one of the carts because of potential phase problems. 

They also used the smallest mic I have ever seen used on-air. I don't know 
what brand it was, but the business end was literally smaller than a golf 
ball! And to think those jocks sounded so "big" with that small mic...

Check out this site for more:  http://musicradio.computer.net/bill.html

Dave Iseman
Cape Cod, MA