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Re: WABC air console

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999 OnAir4U@aol.com wrote:

> WABC had a custom console with large faders that looked like airplane 
> throttles. Rick Sklar and the engineers had some well thought-out redundancy: 
> two carts playing the same song in case one failed; the listener only heard 
> one of the carts because of potential phase problems. 

	I thought they use a rotary pot board?

> They also used the smallest mic I have ever seen used on-air. I don't know 
> what brand it was, but the business end was literally smaller than a golf 
> ball! And to think those jocks sounded so "big" with that small mic...

Ahhh the magic of reverb units.  
When they did their beatle retrospective (i believe a year back) they
switched it on for the day again.  They must still have it.
The mic was prob one of those handheld high-ball mics...lots of the more
low-budget stations use those instead of the Shure (i think it is) mic
that is industry standard.  The big fat cylindrical one.  Boy I loved that
mic -- to bad it got stolen out of the WNYU-AM studio :(.  I got stuck
with a handheld rigged with a rubber band to the boom for the rest of my
tenure there.