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Bill Decker wrote:

> Second, it looks even more desperate when a Globe sports reporter
> shows up as a guest on the midday show(with Marj Egan) to explain his
> decision to quit The Big Show on a rival talker(citing his objections
> to distasteful and degrading content on 'EEI, specifically the Big
> Show.

Perhaps he was not a guest.  Jim Baker's column in the Herald 
suggested Dan Shaughnessy may have a more permanent 
relationship with FM Talk 96.9.  I don't know anything more than 
what I read there, but I thought Marjorie and Dan really hit it off well 
on the air this morning.  

>  I wonder if FM Talk's producers are out looking for Ray Flynn or
> Mark Parenteau(both recently let go from 'RKO) to come on as guests
> and badmouth the competition(Entercom)? 

Personally, I'd love to hear Mark Parenteau back on one of the talk 
stations.  His weekend shift at WRKO was terrific.  

Isn't it great to have another talk station that's not controlled by one 
company, so that listeners have can hear something other than the 
management decisions of that one company?  Kind of like living in 
a two newspaper city.

Mark Laurence