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Re: Driving the calls (was: wrong call letters)

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999, Mike Thomas wrote:

> And as Chuck illustrates, you've got to get those calls in as much as
> possible but don't forget about the frequency.  There are STILL plenty
> of listeners out there who think that WROR is still on 98.5! 

I always wondered why GM chose "WROR" for 105.7, given that call sign's
association with 98.5. If it had been my decision I'd have gone back to
"WVBF", since those are the calls people in that demo naturally associate
with 105.7.

However, when WBOS went country in July 1983 I tried to convince Jane
Duncklee, who was then running the station for Mr. Hoffman, to park the
"WBOS" call letters on the AM (WUNR) and pick something else for the FM. 
WBOS had something of a "format-of-the-month club" reputation in those
days, and I thought a change of call letters would make "New England's
Country" more credible than its predecessors. Ms. Duncklee did not agree;
92.9 has been "WBOS" ever since. 

Rob Landry