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You're too kind. Most of the problem lies
in the fact that someone(management) was
in a big hurry to launch a brand new FM talk format in this town while not having all the pieces together. Why couldn't they just keep Imus in the AM drive and simulcast one of their other stations(don't they own 4 or
5 in this market?!) for 2 or 3 months while
trying to sign up decent talk talent and put together a solid line-up in the process?
What they have so far is a big joke!
And switch off Smooth Jazz at night and on
weekends for crying out loud!! The format
is already long gone and forgotten as far as a listener goes! The company would be better served if they promoted/simulcasted their other stations such as WBOS or WROR...

I realize it's very early in the game BUT to have a PM-drive host(Jay Severin) doing a show via an ISDN line from his house in Long Island and pretend that he's based in Boston doesn't show much respect for Boston audience, in my professional opinion. During today's show, the link-up went down in a middle of a debate with a caller. The producer, who seemed to be prepared for this kind of a glitch, went straight to a commercial break. When Severin came back from a break and continued with the same caller, there was no explanation or reference to what just took place. If this station's management thinks that they can get away with this kind of a small market approach in the #8 market and become a success, lots of luck to them!

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Bill Decker
Media Consultant

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999 22:51:49   EBRadio wrote:
>If I may be sold bold:  They sounded awful!  How can a major market station
>put on such no-talent on their airwaves.  They are a very bad imitation of
>Leslie and Laurie!  Just my opinion, and others!

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