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Re: Bozo the Clown

   Sean Smyth wroye:

> I remember growing up in the early and mid '80s and still seeing a Bozo
> of sorts
> (I can't remember if it was the one hosted by Mr. Avruch or not) fairly
> regularly on TV.
> However, something in me wants to say that I saw that show on Ch. 56, not
> Ch. 5. But
> wasn't Frank's Bozo on Ch. 56 (or some form of a Bozo show) at some

I recall seeing a Bozo show run on early weekday mornings several years
ago(early 90"s) on Ch.25.I only saw it a few times,but they seemed to be
older episodes,judging by the hair and clothing styles(early-mid
70's??).Could they have been the Boston episodes produced at Ch.5.Did WCVB
take over production of Bozo after the old WHDH's demise in 1972?

And to answer Donna Halper's question(and to agree with Steve Smyth's
statement)Frank Avruch is still heard and seen on WCVB every so often.He's
now semi-retired,but still makes on-air appearances now and then,as well as
the occasional voice-over.

Mark Watson