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Re: Bozo the Clown

>Joe G asked--
>Is the "Bozo" being cancelled by WZZM locally produced? Or are they 
>running the WGN version?
Joe, thanks for the great summary of Bozo's history.  You are truly a 
Bozo-ologist!  Yes, the WZZM in Grand Rapids version is local.  The guy who 
played it, Dick Richards, lives in the market, and has played the role for 
31 years. (I used to consult a station in GR, so I saw the show a couple of 
times-- he wasn't terrible, but it's hard for me to evaluate how good a 
Bozo he was when it's been ages since I've seen any others to compare him 
to.  Kids love him, and that's what counts.) Richards is obviously very 
sorry to see the show get cancelled.  He was quoted as saying that he knows 
the show is a "dinosaur" in today's modern animated world, but he is still 
upset that the show is ending.