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Re: Bozo the Clown

On 18 Aug 99,  Donna Halper wrote:

> Officials at WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan are finally removing Bozo
> the Clown from their Saturday morning line-up.  The last show will be
> August 28th.  This decision leaves WGN in Chicago as the nation's only TV
> station that still has a weekly Bozo show.   According to UPI's Detroit
> reporter Eric Johnson, "Bozo began as an animated character in the 1940s
> and came to TV in the 1960s.  At its peak, local Bozo shows were on 100
> stations nationwide.  In Grand Rapids, Bozo the Clown has been portrayed
> by Dick Richards for 31 years."

I remember having a "Bozo at the Circus" phonograph record set, back in 
the early 1950s.
> I remember Frank Avruch as Bozo here (I believe Frank is still alive,
> right?) -- what year did the show get pulled off the air in Boston?  There
> used to be a number of locally produced kid's shows here-- Big Brother Bob
> Emery, Major Mudd, Rex Trailer's Boomtown... now, it's mostly national
> shows and cartoons...

And Carl deSuze, who was "Uncle Carl" on channel 4 in the early 1950s, 
with a canine handpuppet called "Popo."

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