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Re: More Western Mass radio

At 03:39 PM 8/14/99 -0400, Martin J. Waters wrote:
>WARE now is 5 kw/2.5 kW, DA-2. Meanwhile, the FCC let
>virtually all the Class IVs go to 1 kW fulltime. WARE probably bothers WHAI
>less at night than in the day, as the night pattern remains bascially the
>same--to the south.

For a 5kW station that's directional south, they sure have a lousy signal.
They're essentially gone well before you get to Hartford.

While on the subject of 1250's, is Silberberg "accidentally" running WKBR
non-DA sometimes? Last I knew both day and night patterns included a very
deep null to the SW to protect WARE (and probably 1250 in Pittsburgh,
whatever their calls are these days)...this past weekend I heard them quite
clearly at I-495 & Rt. 2.  They disappeared about 1/2way to I-290.  Monday
morning I was not able to hear them there on the return trip.