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Re: More Western Mass radio

At 03:46 PM 8/14/99 -0400, Martin J. Waters wrote:
>I also haven't figured out why so much
>trouble was taken to put a good sounding locally done automated oldies
>format in there if it was going to be just temporary. WARE even put J.P.
>Ellery, its long-time news director in its glory days of owning that little
>local market back in the 60s-70s, back on the air. I had thought maybe Gary
>James, who did the automation and went on in the mornings, and Mr. Ellery
>were buying or leasing the place.

WARE sounds pretty passable most of the day, but AM drive sounds really
hokey.  Gary James seemingly recorded a half dozen or so drop-ins, most
seem to repeat every half hour or so.  Likewise JP Ellery records one
newscast, they run it twice an hour.

Was WARE oldies in a previous incarnation?  Their jingle package is clearly
an oldies package made to sound like a mid-60s original...seems like a lot
of $ to spend to order a jingle package for an automated station with no
spot load.