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CIQC History

The original calls from December/1919 were XWA ... EXperimental Wireless

Then came CFCF (Canada's First, Canada's Finest)...under ownership first of
Canadian Marconi, shifting in the early 70s to Multiple Access (a unit of
the Bronfman Family's Claridge Investments), then to Jean Pouliot, who was
forced to sell the radio stations (CFCF-AM, CFCX Shortwave, and CFQR-FM) in
the late 80s to Mount Royal Broadcasting's Pierre Arcand and Pierre Beland
(today known as Metromedia CMR Broadcasting Inc.), as the Pouliot Family
was overextended due to heavy losses at their new French-language
television network, Quatre Saisons (CFJP-TV 35, calls standing for "Jean