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Re: CIQC History

Are there any plans of ever reviving the 6005Khz frequency?

Bill Mead
Toms River, New Jersey

>From: Stephen Pickford <nmi@netcom.ca>
>To: boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org
>Subject: CIQC History
>Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 09:40:34 -0400
>The original calls from December/1919 were XWA ... EXperimental Wireless
>Then came CFCF (Canada's First, Canada's Finest)...under ownership first of
>Canadian Marconi, shifting in the early 70s to Multiple Access (a unit of
>the Bronfman Family's Claridge Investments), then to Jean Pouliot, who was
>forced to sell the radio stations (CFCF-AM, CFCX Shortwave, and CFQR-FM) in
>the late 80s to Mount Royal Broadcasting's Pierre Arcand and Pierre Beland
>(today known as Metromedia CMR Broadcasting Inc.), as the Pouliot Family
>was overextended due to heavy losses at their new French-language
>television network, Quatre Saisons (CFJP-TV 35, calls standing for "Jean

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