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Sounds to me like Star is doing just fine as it is.  93.7 blew off it's
core audience of males, targeted women 25-54, and made the top 5 in it's
first book.  Not bad.  I don't believe that Smooth Jazz on 93.7, with
it's so-so signal within Boston, would do as well.

Unlike some on this list, I think Star will be a player in the market
for some time.  They are not putting all of their eggs in the "disco"
basket.  I've also heard some funk, Motown and recently, more 80's and
90's material in the mix.  It may be hard to believe, but there are
people who are passionate about this music, just as there are some on
this list that like 60's oldies, dinosaur rock from the 70's, and
standards.  Basically, it's a different set of 300 records to listen to,
another flavor on the dial, and it seems to be resonating with a very
salable demographic.  The station will never be a ratings blockbuster
like a WMJX, but if it can put itself in the mid to upper three share
range 12+, get to the top 3 in Women 25-54 and stay there, it will make
some decent coin for Entercom.

As far as Jazz is concerned, I think the format is done for awhile in
Boston. GM is banking that it's Sunday morning jazz programming may be
enough to keep the market's smooth jazz appetite satisfied.  Who knows,
they may even keep some jazz programming on 96.9 on the weekends since
there is not a lot of decent weekend talk shows out there.  However, if
the Black & Hispanic populations continue to grow in the area, I
wouldn't be suprised to see Greater Media blow up either WROR or WBOS
and bring a more latin/R&B flavored full time smooth jazz format back to
the market.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Mark Shneyder wrote:

> --- Dan.Strassberg@att.net wrote:
> >
> > Depends how locked in Entercom is to whatever it is that
> > 93.7 calls itself these days. Disco gets very old very
> > fast. Maybe after a couple of books, they'll flip 93.7
> > to Smooth Jazz.
> They call it Rhythmic AC. In the Spring book,
> it came in 5th among 25-54 Females(Star 93-7's target demo).
> Smooth Jazz is usually very balanced 50%Male/50%Female
> audience-wise. I don't know if Entercom would attempt to capture
> 25-54 females with SJ/NAC unless they were going to adopt a new
> target demo on 93.7