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It would be somewhat ironic....

When WBOS first flipped from Country to AAA in 1989, the played some jazz within their playlist, and even had an all-jazz program on each weeknight at 10:30PM

- -Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH

 ---- On Aug 17 "Chris Beckwith" <beckwith@ime.net> wrote: 
> Bill O'Neill wrote:
> > Curious if there is a Boston signal that could reposition to grab the
> > smooth jazz numbers once WSJZ flips.  Were those numbers trending up/dn or
> > stasis?  With an aging total demo and a good percentage (around 24%) with
> > $100K incomes in the ADI, you gotta wonder how long that shelf can remain
> > unstocked.
> I'm sure Greater Media will reposition WBOS slightly to grab as much of 
> WSJZ's audience as possible.  The two audiences are not entirely 
> incompatible, after all.
> Take care,
> Chris


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