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Re: talk show callers (was Radio Free Vermont)

Q1: Haven't a clue
Q2: John Collins?

- -Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH

 ---- On Aug 17 "A. Joseph Ross" <lawyer@world.std.com> wrote: 
> On 16 Aug 99,  Kevin Vahey wrote:
> > Not to show my age, but the first thing I ever won on a radio station, was
> > a trivia contest that Jim Westover had on Friday nights, back in those
> > days when WEEI was a real radio station, owned by a real network :)
> Well, winning contests is a different topic.  I won two radio station 
> trivia contests.  When WEEI, then owned by Papa Gino's, was running old-
> time radio in the evenings, I once won a Papa Gino's gift certificate by 
> answering the following question:  What was the name of the leader of the 
> Texas Rangers who were ambushed at Bryant's Gap?
> Another time, I won another gift certificate from WHUE 1150, during its 
> brief existence as a news station.  Their trivia question was Who was the 
> Mayor of Boston before Kevin White?
> And I'm going to leave both of those questions hanging for awhile, and see 
> if anyone knows the answers.
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