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Re: talk show callers (was Radio Free Vermont)

On 15 Aug 99,  Donna Halper wrote:

> I cannot tell a lie-- yup, that was my voice allright.  I occasionally
> call to talk sports with the WBZ guys-- we became friends when I was there
> doing the station history a couple of years back...  Now tell the truth,
> how many of you good folks on this list have ever called a talk show,
> sports or otherwise?  Did you get on the air?

A few times.  I think the first time was when I was in high school, and 
Isaac Asimov appeared on Program PM with Bob Kennedy on WBZ.

I also once called in to a talk show on WMUA with the Dean of Students.  
That may not have counted, since I think I called from the station office, 
then went into the observation room and listened to (and watched) the rest 
of the program.

One time when I was in law school, I was driving home and listening to 
Paul Benzaquin on WEEI.  I don't remember the details, but he had 
misstated something about Chanukah, so I stopped at a pay phone and called 

Another time, in the 1970s, the science fiction writer Ben Bova was on 
WHDH with David Brudnoy.  I called in, and Ben recognized me at once (I 
know him.).  I don't remember what I called about, but I think it had 
something to do with the fact that Ben didn't like Star Wars.

And sometime in the 1980s, as I was driving home from the Democratic State 
Convention in Worcester, I was listening to a trivia show on WBZ.  I had 
the answer to their question about Allan Sherman's "Camp Grenada" song.  I 
also had a trivia question of my own.  

Another time in the 1980s, a local authority on old-time-radio was on the 
David Brudnoy Show on WHDH.  I called in with a 1935 edition of the Boston 
Herald and read some of the radio listings of the time.

I don't know whether this one counts or not, but sometime in the 1980s, 
the Sunday night show on WMEX 1150 invited people to call in with ideas 
for titles for really bad new TV shows.  My entry not only got on the air, 
but I heard myself a couple of times after that in a promo.  It was 
"Kukla, Fran & Ollie" The Next Generation."

Well, those are the ones I can remember.  I got on the air all those 

Oh, yes.  The trivia question I had for that WBZ show.  It was:  When John 
F. Kennedy resigned his Senate seat to become president, whom did Governor 
Furcolo appoint to fill the vacancy? 

Any takers?

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