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Re: talk show callers (was Radio Free Vermont)

On 16 Aug 99,  Kevin Vahey wrote:

> Not to show my age, but the first thing I ever won on a radio station, was
> a trivia contest that Jim Westover had on Friday nights, back in those
> days when WEEI was a real radio station, owned by a real network :)
Well, winning contests is a different topic.  I won two radio station 
trivia contests.  When WEEI, then owned by Papa Gino's, was running old-
time radio in the evenings, I once won a Papa Gino's gift certificate by 
answering the following question:  What was the name of the leader of the 
Texas Rangers who were ambushed at Bryant's Gap?

Another time, I won another gift certificate from WHUE 1150, during its 
brief existence as a news station.  Their trivia question was Who was the 
Mayor of Boston before Kevin White?

And I'm going to leave both of those questions hanging for awhile, and see 
if anyone knows the answers.

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