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WLVE, Hutch, comments....

> 	WLVE (Love 94) 93.9 FM. Miami/Ft Lauderdale began also broadcasting

Hello Hutch & group....

Great to hear of Hutch's time at WLVE. I've gotten several tapes from
sources...and Love 94 is a fine NAC. So are KTWV/LA & KWJZ/Seattle.  All 3
stations are different....serve very different markets....but they are
similar in that
they aren't a cookie-cutter NAC.  They tend to play some music that many
NACs won't. Not too much, just enough to make it interesting.

Many, many NACs are becomming so boring....so much like franchise-radio
You know, the other than the call letters/city of license, weather (if
given), and
ads, an NAC in Cleveland sounds like one in Dallas, like one in Kansas
City. Predictable.
Very slow to add even a little new product, really dull. Gosh, I'm so tired
of hearing
the AC/oldie cross-over vocals. It's usually the SAME darned vocals...maybe
30 or 40
of them....."Feel Like Makin' Love"/Roberta Flack; Sade, Steeling Dan. I
USED to like
these artists!

Best wishes with your on-air career, Hutch. These days staying an on-air
at a music station is challenging.