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WRKO Update

Well, FINALLY, WRKO has returned to full power (off-air this morning
from 2:00-2:55, clicked back on--still with reduced power--at 2:55, then
incremented up to full power, in 2-3 steps, by 3:00)!
Also, in the last couple of days, I've noticed the on-air, host-producer
banter has returned (in both the morning and afternoon shows):  Has this
been sanctioned by The Union, or has one of Uncle Al's first
achievements been to tell The Union to go choke on a cactus?
Finally, some syndicated, fluff call-in show ("Stephanie"
something--sounds like a lame "Two Chicks"/"Joan Rivers" type format)
has--at least temporarily--been given the 10p-12a slot, with Art Bell
replay filling the 12-1a cavity.