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Re: Phil Spector

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DMcElvein@aol.com writes:

<< If you look at pictures from those days of studio control rooms you'll 
 usually see a small speaker (about the size of a car speaker) that was used 
 to give engineers and idea of what things would sound like in your Chevy.  

as a young rookie in the production studios at WGAN in Portland (circa 1980), 
the smooth and talented Nick Seneca taught me to listen to my mix in cue, as 
it gave the finished product an "air" preview.  many agencies that came in to 
have their work done at our studios all learned to listen to it off the cue 
speaker to make sure the spot would work...  it also gave a more accurate 
reflection of the voice/music mix, instead of relying on compression to make 
up the difference.   when working with tape (there are still those who 
do...), you'll pick up more of the technical glitches this way (phase errors, 
splice gaps, etc...)

chuck igo