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Phil Spector Sound (was:STE.REO(was:NorthEastRadioWatch7/16:WZEN))

>Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 11:32:07 -0400
>To: Sven Weil <sven@lily.org>
>From: Bill Piacentini <billpi@ll.mit.edu>
>Subject: Re: STE....REO (was: NorthEast Radio Watch 7/16: WZEN)
>A pretty good explanation of Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound", an integral 
>part of his "little symphonies for the kiddies," is at:
>and a great MURAL of all the Philles [PHIL spector & LESter sill] Label 
>Stars and more links to who I think is the Foremost Rock & Roll Record 
>Producer of All Time is at:
>Bill Piacentini
>At 09:20 PM 7/25/99 -0400, Sven Weil wrote:
>>Speaking of Phil Spector...what was that "wall of sound" concept that I
>>always see in references to him?
>>And on Sun, 25 Jul 1999, Roy Lawrence wrote:
>> > Thus getting that leadpipe effect! Another fine example
>> > of a tune not being able to correct, the Swinging Medallions "Double
>> > Shot (Of My Baby's Love)! Drums guitars, keyboards and that unavoidable
>> > bass on the left channel and the vocals being the only element on the
>> > right channel. It's my understanding that these recordings were
>> > intended to be mixed to mono from these 2 track sources. Hence. "Phil
>> > Spector's Chritmas Album"! Anyone remember that hard to find *2 track*
>> > unauthorized release on Pavillion records?;)