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Re: 1999 Lowell Folk Festival

Chuck Igo reminds:
> bill,
>    but you forgot the most important of a mobile studio, especially
> during a Lowell Folk Fest or an Esplanade Remote...
> does it have a working bathroom????
> chuck

I'm flush!  Like the 'HDH bus that you spent many a shift within, this
studio has a 'comfort station'.  The difference is, this one has
likely never been, er, used.  BTW, remember that board in the HDH
mobile unit?  Had funky toggle switches to o/c channels, if I recall.
Most of the HDH remotes involved music, spots, jingles and all, carts
a-plenty (for this guy to lug about in wooded cases that (empty)
weighed 30#).  For the record, Chuck was but a very few of the jocks
to help with remote break down, like grab a speaker off the roof, stow
carts, etc. (File under: Let it go forth from this time and place,

Bill O'Neill