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Re: 1999 Lowell Folk Festival

Dan Bloom wrote:

>    Heard on 89.7 a couple days ago that a [portion of] their Blues After
> Hours program (at least one of its two regular airings on Friday and
> Saturday nights; I forget which) will also originate from the LFF at
> Boarding House Park...
That would be Friday evening only, when Fontella Bass ("Rescue Me")
closes the night's schedule with a show which is scheduled to start at
9, which just happens to be when "Blues After Hours" starts.

Bill O'Neill wrote:

> And Mai Cramer is one of the best.
> How long has she been with WGBH?
21 years this summer.  I think in the early days it was "The Blues Hour"
(6 hours long!) at midnight Fridays.