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WNEW-WOV swap (was: Re: WHDH and Blue/ 1956)

I believe I've found what we were looking for back in June during our
discussion about how WNEW ended up on 1130 and WOV on 1280.

Our story so far...
February 1934: WODA  and WAAM  consolidated into 1250 WNEW Newark (later
New York)
December 1939: WOV, WBIL, and WPG consolidated into 1100 WOV New York
March 1941: NARBA moves WNEW to 1280 and WOV to 1130

And now...the REST of the story, from Variety 11/5/41, p. 31...
"WNEW and WOV, New York outlets, will switch wavelengths, towers,
studios, and offices as soon as the station's application for the move
has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission.  With the
exchange every vestige of dual ownership will be ended, with Arde Bulova
maintaining the control of WOV and WNEW coming under the sole
proprietorship of Milton Blow.  At present WOV operates 10,000 watts on
1,130 k.c., while WNEW is licensed for 5,000 watts on 1,280 k.c.
"On the assumption of WNEW's current wavelength WOV is to revert to its
former policy of broadcasting an all-Italian schedule from 7 a.m. to 5
p.m., and in English from that hour to closing time."