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Natalie Jacobson

This afternoon while watching WCVB's 5PM news,with continuing coverage of
the John Kennedy Jr.story,it was mentioned that they will have live
coverage tomorrow morning from outside St.Thomas More Church in
Manhattan,where a private memorial Mass will be said for JFK Jr. and his
wife.Chet Curtis said that Natalie Jacobson will be anchoring the coverage
from New York.As many of you know,Natalie has been on a leave of absence
for several weeks to spend time with her daughter and father,and is
scheduled to return in September.I find it interesting that Natalie is
interrupting her time off to anchor this event.It will be interesting to
know if this was her idea or the station's?

Also interesting is the fact that this Mass is closed to the public and the
media.So what will all these TV stations do to fill all this time?(I
believe 4,5 & 7 are all starting coverage at 9AM,the Mass is scheduled for
11AM).All they will be able to do is pretty much show the Kennedy and
Bessette family members and friends,as well as President and Mrs.Clinton
going into church before Mass and exiting after.What will they do in
between?? I say let the families grieve in private,the media should be
respectful of both families in their hour of sorrow.And of what value is it
to us to see people entering and leaving a church when what is going on
inside will not be shown on TV?

Just my .02
Mark Watson