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RE: Linda Rondstadt

My .02 worth:

When I started in radio ('64), it was necessary to know
Top 40, Jazz, A/C & Country, because shows with those
kinds of music were on the schedule, had to be programmed
and hosted.  

If I remember the lineup correctly:
A/C in the morning, Jazz middays, Top 40 (for 2 hours) after
school, Big Band for the "Supper Club", Country in the 
evening (if no Red Sox) and Shmaltz on Sunday Morning with 
"A Sunday Kind Of Music."  Specialization was for Doctors.

Michael is musically multi-dextrous.

Roger Kirk

> Sean Smyth replied:
>Anyone that can work a shift at Magic and then turn around and do country
>oldies is someone that, in today's era of radio monopoly, can endear
>to a station group and get himself a lot of work.

> Chuck wrote:
>>for what it's worth, Sunday Morning Country Oldies, 8am - Noon , with the
>>extremely versatile Michael Burns, does feature tunes from the past 40