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Re: Natalie Jacobson

In a message dated 7/23/99 3:11:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
dlh@donnahalper.com writes:

<<  Natalie is another friend of the Kennedy family.  I doubt she had to be 
pressured to cover events related to John Jr.'s death.  >>


here's where my hackles are up over the whole thing...  and i know it's one 
of those First Amendment debates, but...

the story is over.  let the families deal with the loss of their loved ones 
in private...

if one might be considered that good of a friend, they'd be sitting inside 
the service this morning, not helping to turn it into the debacle that it is.
and likewise, if one might be considered a "family friend", and the invite 
was not extended, you might think that "well, they asked me not to come, so 
therefore, in honor of their feelings, i'll respect that."

 i can understand where one who has known persons of note, such as the 
Kennedy family, there would be more of a sense of loss.  and in Natalie's 
case, it is more than possible that, through multiple professional contacts, 
the bond extends beyond the "i know you, you know me" relationship.

but, if she wasn't asked to be inside by the family, then she was most 
certainly "asked" to be outside by the boss.  otherwise, i think the elegant 
Miss Jacobson might prefer to continue her time, realizing now how limited it 
can cruely be, with her Dad and daughter, and spend her own moments 
reflecting.  instead of being asked to fill another 40 seconds while we set 
up the camera angle from uptown..

sign me:  sick of the vulture mentality of this whole tragedy...

Chuck Igo