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Re: Natalie Jacobson

it was written--
>Chet Curtis said that Natalie Jacobson will be anchoring the coverage
>from New York.As many of you know,Natalie has been on a leave of absence
>for several weeks to spend time with her daughter and father,and is
>scheduled to return in September.I find it interesting that Natalie is
>interrupting her time off to anchor this event.It will be interesting to
>know if this was her idea or the station's?
>From what I know, many of the local media are old friends of the Kennedy
family.  And even some of the national media (such as Mike Wallace) have
been known to hang with the family when not working.  Journalistic
objectivity becomes a difficult thing when a political family is also your
close personal friend-- but in fairness, I am told that John Jr. and several
other members of the family (Jackie O among them) were genuinely nice folks
that you would have enjoyed hanging around with, even if you disagreed with
the voting record or the behaviour of some of the Kennedys...  Natalie is
another friend of the Kennedy family.  I doubt she had to be pressured to
cover events related to John Jr.'s death.