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Re: 1999 Lowell Folk Festival

In a message dated 7/22/99 9:26:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time, billo@erols.com 

<< A 1974 GMC mobile home, to be exact.  A twin to the former WHDH mobile
 studio that was in service until the late 80s.  I would doubt it has
 more than 30k miles on it.  Has levelers on all quarters and
 (occasionally) is air conditioned (if there is enough service at the
 AC drop.  There are 4 massive horn speakers atop the unit driven by a
 Bogen that can sand blast a brick building 3 blocks away (after "2" on
 the volume setting, it becomes intrusive.)  Pretty much just an old 4
 pot board, generator, a couple of Martis (low & high), Motorola bus.
 band radio.  Even has a couple of relic TTs that are long since
 unused.  >>


   but you forgot the most important of a mobile studio, especially important 
during a Lowell Folk Fest or an Esplanade Remote...

does it have a working bathroom????