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Re: Linda Rondstadt

In a message dated 7/22/99 12:51:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
John_Bolduc@Pictel.com writes:

<< Why do I still have my 16 or so old Linda Ronstadt vinyl albums after I 
 disposed of most of the rest of my collection of vinyl? >>


   could it have something to do with short-shorts and roller skates?
   that's why i still have mine.  can't let go.

and re:  the tunes on wklb...
again, the premise at first with Boston's Country stations is that Boston 
really did not have a highly listened-to Country station.  not to say that it 
hasn't had country in the past, nor am i saying that the stations that have 
come before have been of lesser quality.
but to reach a larger portion of a metro area that does not have a "broad 
history" of country listenership, both WBCS and WCLB, when they signed on, 
had a similar approach:  
1) let's get 'em listenin' to the country/rock contemporary hybrids (wynonna, 
garth, brooks & dunn, lee roy parnell), then, over a period of time, 
2) remind them of other artists of whom they are aware that have the country 
roots. (kenny rogers, ronnie milsap, terri gibbs, sylvia, linda 
ronstadt,NGDB),   then,
3) we can work in the best of the earlier core artists (george&tammy, hank, 
et al)

WKLB has been able to slowly wean in, based on testing (as everyone does 
now.. 'nother subject for 'nother day, eh??), more of the 70's & 80's tunes 
of late, as well as some 60's.   this would indicate a more wide spread 
acceptance of country as a genre, here in the Country Music Capitol of The 
World !!! (sorry, got carried away.. although my boyhoood home in North 
Cambridge is now abutted by Rounder Records, and the older neighbors tell me 
they enjoy talking to that "nice Reber McEntiyah" when she steps out between 
takes and goes for a stroll..  she's apparently done some session work on 
Cameron Ave/Fair Oaks St/Camp St.)

for what it's worth, Sunday Morning Country Oldies, 8am - Noon , with the 
extremely versatile Michael Burns, does feature tunes from the past 40 years 
and then some.
and it has really good numbers.  and they play Jerry Reed tunes (Son!)

chuck igo