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Linda Rondstadt

I was rather surprised to, not once, but twice, hear Linda Ronstadt singing on
WKLB 99.5, two days in a row (two different country type songs, the first a
duet, the second with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band).

This brings up a question from my listener oriented mind.
Typically in the past I have noticed radio stations "all of a sudden" start
playing hits from artists who have not gotten air play for quite some time (a
year or more), a week or two or three before they come out with a new

Is this an accurate observation?

 If so, is this done by plan?

Is it done by demand/survey?

Why do I still have my 16 or so old Linda Ronstadt vinyl albums after I have
disposed of most of the rest of my collection of vinyl?

Derry NH