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Re: 1999 Lowell Folk Festival

> And in the evening(s?)...
>    Heard on 89.7 a couple days ago that a [portion of] their Blues
After Hours program (at least one of its two regular airings on Friday
and Saturday nights; I forget which) will also originate from the LFF
at Boarding House Park, with Mai Cramer present as host for the blues
act(s) featured in the evening concert(s).

That would be great exposure for both the city as well as the station.
The talent pool this year on stage is expected to be among the best
collected in a very long time.  And Mai Cramer is one of the best.
How long has she been with WGBH?  Commercial bcasters could learn a
thing or two about TSLs from Mai and Dick Pleasants, IMO.

Bill O'Neill