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Re: a couple of thoughts

Don't be too suprised.  It's a Capstar station.  They specialize in running
stations on the cheap.  At this point, I think they're only live in the drives,
and they are completely automated on the weekend.  WSRS had locked locked
themselves in with every major Worcester area event long before Capstar
purchased them, and the station currently is banking on its visibility and
heritage to make up for their pitiful programming.  As far as Delilah is
concerned, she is in about 150 markets around the country and she does very well
ratingswise.  WZID-Manchester and WSNE-Providence and
WBYY-Somersworth/Portsmouth NH also run her show.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

"Fitzpatrick, Mike" wrote:

> I used to be a avid listener of WSRS. But lately that station has gone so
> far down hill. Do they only have two or three local shifts anymore? I used
> to like the late night music they played after 7pm, now this 'Delilah' junk
> is awful. I am kind of surprised that a station with such a good sound and
> strong signal is so weak in formatting and programming.