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Re: Star 93.7 "pitching" their music...? 5%?

- --- Mike Thomas <nostatic@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Keep in mind that Mark Driscoll was up until recently the voice used at Kiss
> 108.  I'm sure that Star, which is looking to grab some of Kiss's upper end
> listeners wants a familiar voice to go along with the retro music.

No question about it. That's a strategy on their part.
They're slowly but surely becoming a Kiss108 clone(early 80's version)
for women who want to relive that period of muisc history one more time.
Entercom is certainly investing heavily in promoting this thing to get
the word out.

Hey, I figure if they can make Monica Collins dance, they're doing
something right. Nostalgia. It's a beautiful thing.:)
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