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Re: Yankee Network and Mutual

At 09:02 PM 6/10/99 -0400, you wrote:
>More than a year later (9/16/36) Variety reported the following:
>"'Affiliates' are frequently such in name only.  Mutual has four basic
>stations and tacks on 'affiliates' as desired by the advertiser.  Some
>'affiliates' get several programs, while others receive only a singleton
>and may not be repeated after expiration.  Lure to tentative
>affiliation, however, is a strong one, since Mutual pays the station
>rate card less 30% (15% to the agency, 15% to Mutual sales recompense).
>Wire charges are absorbed by the station."
Fascinating! After several decades of primary affiliates (take what we want
you to or you lose the affiliation) and secondary affiliates (you have first
refusal on any non-compulsory programming that the primary affiliate in your
market turns down), the world of radio networks returned to Mutual's
original model. (I don't know if Mutual ever followed the
primary/secondary-affiliate model, but NBC and CBS--and probably ABC--sure
did.) In the world of radio, in particular, there never seems to be anything
completely new under the sun.

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